Authentic Virtual Representation Using Gen-AI Avatars

Deliver your brand to users with the new face-body synthesis avatar generation service

Create Your Avatar with a Single Selfie.

Twinit's Generative AI technology brings your avatar to life. Simply take a selfie, and create a 3D avatar that mirrors your unique facial and body features.

Experience the Brand New Marketing with Our Virtual Try On.

Generate brand assets for users to try on and share various challenges on Social media. From product information to out link integration, all-in-one in Twinit.

Boost Conversion Rates with Chat Motion Twinit

Twinit Chat is the first chat motion social community service in South Korea. Encourage users to convert their brand asset exposure into actual purchases.

Twinit Partners

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Ready to grow your business with Twinit?

Twinit, Express yourself in a different way

Twinit provides AI avatars for ICT services that offer 3D experience. Using 2D images captured by a smartphone camera, Twinit offers the capability to generate a lifelike 3D avatar within a minute.

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